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Carrot and Citrus Fresh Juice

Carrot and Citrus Fresh Juice
Fast-paced life, stress, air pollution, bad nutrition habits… all these factors influence the weakening of our immune systems and can cause autoimmune and viral diseases. Instead of turning to synthetic supplements, consider immune system boosters found readily in nature. Fruits, vegetables and herbs have amazing nutritive value that can do wonders for your health!
Our secret for immune system boosting is the “Elixir of Health”, a carrot and citrus freshly squeezed juice with a few additional “magic” ingredients.

The citrus fruits we’ve chosen for this recipe are grapefruit, kumquats and lemon. Citrus fruits are rich sources of vitamins, potassium, bioflavonoids and have great anti-inflammatory effects. They’re also excellent for body detoxification, with lemon being particularly effective for alkalinizing.  
Carrot, on the other hand, is a root vegetable rich in vitamins, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. Vitamin A and beta-carotene are especially important, since they positively influence liver function and have anti-cancer effects.
Ginger and turmeric, two magic roots that come from Asia, increase the health boosting effects of our juice and give an exotic and tangy flavor. Their immune boosting benefits and anti-inflammatory effects have been well-known in India for centuries, making them widely used not only in cooking, but also in ancient Ayurveda medicine.

We have one more important “ingredient” that will ensure you extract the maximum amount of nutrients from your fruits and veggies - the More Juice Press Frozen. Its 3 in 1 Smart Extraction System (SES) extracts juice first by compressing and then by gently squeezing your ingredients for maximum juice extraction, without damaging the vital nutrients and enzymes. Unlike conventional juicers, with high-speed blades, More Juice Press Frozen's slow extraction does not produce heat and therefore ensures vivid color and rich taste, no juice separation, minimized oxidation and juice that lasts longer.  

(2 persons)
• 2 oranges
• 1 grapefruit
• 4 - 5 kumquats
• 1 lemon
• 8 baby carrots
• 2 cm fresh ginger root
• 2 cm fresh turmeric root
• 1 teaspoon of honey per glass (optional)
• Peel the skins of the citrus fruits and carrot and chop roughly, except for the kumquat (it goes in whole).
• Add the ingredients to the More Juice Press Frozen one at a time.
• Add a teaspoon of honey to each glass (optional).
• Stir and garnish with kumquat slices.
Enjoy the rich flavor of this mighty juice!

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