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How your lifestyle contributes to your success

How your lifestyle contributes to your success


Today, the world is connected. The best description of today’s world is – connected. We are in touch with everything and everybody; if you would not be, you would not read this. By being connected you are the most in the know person, you find all the information you need by a click of the button: fast & easy. You are in touch with your friends or family abroad; you can attend meetings, conferences and concerts by just being connected. But is this connectivity not creating also a chaos? We are constantly bombarded with information from all sides, so how can we still distinguish right from wrong? Plenty of confusing, fake information is invading our screens and our homes. So what should we do? We spend even more time in front of the screens trying to find the “correct” information. Stay connected with us and get the latest information regarding preventive medical care, a balanced toxins-free diet, safe & protective environment, for you and your family.
The word of today: #connected!



Vegan was so yesterday. Today you are healthy if you eat gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, low carb, low fat, no sugar! The list can be continued, but in a summary, these are the trendy ones, about which you surely heard of. On the other hand, all the market is offering us has become pure chemistry, while veggies and fruits, if not organic, are pure pesticides; meat and fish are full of chemistry. Truly, the choices we have to eat healthily are restricted. But let’s assume we make it, we buy the “healthy” stuff and then we cook it. We cook it and fry it until we take out all the healthy vitamins and minerals because we don’t know to cook the proper way. Have you ever thought that your pots can contain dangerous substances, which get into your food during cooking? Carcinogenic and cardiovascular illnesses are reaching an epidemic scale; obesity is taking more lives than plague or cholera epidemics used to take; diabetes and related diseases are more common and mental illnesses are on the rise. Get your health information from us. Learn that there is a proper way to cook your food, and that healthy food tastes even better.
The second word of today: #better!



Are you Lightning McQueen or not? In the constantly changing world, we need to keep up. You are either on it or you are out. The pressure and expectations that are imposed on us and the pressure and expectations we create ourselves have shifted our basic human nature. We are constantly on the run for the perfect job, the perfect partner, the perfect IT-body, the perfect house, the perfect family and we forget to be who we are. Identity has been lost somehow between the hashtags and that last email you sent or did you? Yes, check it, before it’s too late! Keeping up with everything is pretty exhausting and finding the right balance can be a challenge. Imagine having the job that gives you the freedom to choose your working hours? Be the boss of your own time and your earnings, while being involved in a good cause. Through Zepter’s unique system of values and ingenious model of direct sales, we have created the environment where our partners can thrive, be creative and expand their potential. We can help bring back the faith that we can master our own lives: to live a better, healthier, longer and wealthier life.
The third word of today: #balance



Remember those times? When Thursday was just Thursday and you had one more day until the weekend and it has not turned into the new Monday, with all the deadlines, meetings, postponing and weekend travels? Yes…the good old days, when food was just yummy and gluten didn’t exist, when all you cared was that new TV-show and not the Kardashians? The old days, when people were just happier and water was not infested with viruses, when the air was air and not full of PM 2.5 particles? Remember those happy times, because we do! We are sharing our mission of living a longer, better and more productive life for the last 30 years, and our memories are filled with happy events, memorable experiences and unique discoveries. Our history and our heritage that gifted the civilisation with products of superior quality, beautiful designs, with life-changing attributes and a lifelong warranty are a part of a museum collection, displayed for the wide public to admire and to find inspiration from us. How many companies do you know to have a dedicated place for displaying their lifetime achievements? We created a testament of durability.
The fourth word of today: #memories

2400 years ago, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine argued that diseases are the product of our life habits – our lifestyle. Considering that today we are drowning in the epidemics of too much, of abundance and gluttony, how successful can that lifestyle be? Where does this lead us and when should we change? The human brain adapted to its harsh environments, allowing it to survive. “These are two ways of beating the cruelty of the environments: You can become stronger or you can become smarter. We chose the latter”, Medina says. Learning is addictive because it is joyful. It is also necessary for human evolution.

So, stay #connected, discover how life can taste #better, find that perfect #balance and let’s make #memories together!


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