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Valentine's Day gift - hits and inspirations

Valentine's Day gift - hits and inspirations

Initially, it was a holiday reserved only for lovers, but over time it has become simply an opportunity to show affection and love to loved ones. Often Valentine's Day is another, very nice, opportunity to give a loved one a nice gift.


Gift inspirations  up to -50%

This year, let's consider whether the choice of chocolates or other typical Valentine's Day gifts is the best solution. Sometimes, understanding the needs of your loved ones, it is worth considering a Valentine's Day gift that will be a hit and valuable for the recipient.
We have prepared interesting and original Valentine's Day gift ideas for everyone, regardless of age. The festival of lovers with Zepter also means special promotions. From today until February 20, with any purchase of a Zepter product, you can purchase selected products with a discount of up to 50%.
The amount of the added product to the order is converted by the system and, based on the algorithm, a pool of funds to be used for products is determined at a price of up to -50%.


How does the Valentine's Day promotion work

STEP 1.  Just go to any product and add it to the basket at the Club Member price.
REMEMBER! The amount you are in position to spent on your bonus product is displayed in 'Price for discount calculation' field at the shopping cart.

STEP 2. When at shopping cart, the information 'Special promotion available only for CL100 Members!' will appear. Click on the button 'Extra products up to -50%'.

STEP 3. A list of product with an information about the limit to be used on your bonus items will appear.
 €1200 Euro is the maximum amount to be spent on your bonus products.

In case of doubt, you can always contact the nearest Zepter showroom, sales representative or ask for information or make a purchase under the hotline (22) 230 99 40

Valentine's Day hits

Everything related to the heart, health and well-being is the perfect inspiration for gifts for Valentine's Day. Nothing is more enjoyable than a hit gift, one that the recipient simply needs, or maybe does not want or forget to buy it.

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