La Danza Hyperlight Fusion Anti-Aging Essential Complex 30ml


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Advanced formula, day and night face cream with fullerene water (3HFWC) - the main active ingredient.

La Danza Hyperlight Fusion is a very powerful complex of active ingredients that adapts to all skin types:
* reduces the depth of wrinkles,
* improves skin firmness and elasticity,
moisturizes at the cellular level,
* protects against external factors,
* prevents allergies and skin irritations,
* firms and brightens the skin, giving it a youthful appearance.

Regular use of the product once or twice a day provides the skin with greater hydration, firmness and tension, increases its resistance to the negative effects of external factors and accelerates the healing of minor damage. The unique properties of 3HFWC make the product ideal for sensitive and mature skin, prone to irritation and allergic reactions.
A cosmetic preparation with the active ingredient 3HFWC, which increases the water content in the skin and maintains it in a perfect form and makes the skin soft, supple and delicate. By transferring energy and signals, it helps to change the organization of biomolecules and allows them to return to their natural state (collagen). It enables the proper course of metabolic processes and accelerates skin regeneration. It acts as an antioxidant and prevents the harmful effects of free radicals. It is a preparation that supports the function of fibroblast cells in the dermis and increases collagen production, improving the functionality of the basement membrane.

3HFWC together with vegetable oils and other active substances repairs the structure of lipid layers and improves the protective function of the skin barrier.

The unique substance 3HFWC - how does it affect the performance of Hyperlight Fusion?

* Thanks to its antibacterial and antioxidant properties, the preparation does not contain preservatives or perfumes, which minimizes the possibility of skin irritation and sensitization and possible allergic reactions.
* Supports the liquid crystal state of water in products and stabilizes the product.

Thanks to these properties, the product is ideal for sensitive and mature skin, prone to irritation and allergic reactions.
La Danza Hyperlight Fusion Anti-Aging Essential Complex 30ml
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