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TAIGA - Stainless Steel Set for hot & cold beverages for 6 persons, 36 pieces


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Made from the finest stainless steel, the insides of the TAIGA cups are electro-polished to create a smooth finish - without having an unpleasant, metallic taste. Unlike plastic and ceramic cups, they do not retain the flavour of the previous drink. The double wall cups are excellent for hot or cold beverages!
Versatility – a characteristic that best sums up the TAIGA Stainless Steel set. It is impossible to name all the drinks you can enjoy using it. From water to wine, from hot teas to ice teas, hot chocolate to soft drinks, fruit juices to beer, this set is ideal for you and your family to enjoy your favourite beverages.
The TAIGA cups are specially designed to preserve the specific taste of each drink. The saucers and cups are harmoniously at one, giving an elegant touch to each table. Practical to use and maintain – the cups do not “stick” to the saucers as sometimes occurs with other kinds of drinking sets. Served on a luxurious tray, each family or friends gathering will have  a more festive and elegant ambience.
Two versions of the TAIGA set are available, to suit everyone’s taste:
  • Silver-plated;
  • Polished stainless steel.

Set composition for 6 persons (36 pieces):
  • 1 Tray (51 x 38 cm, Th. 1.2 mm) 
  • 1 Thermos (h 28 cm, Vol 1250 ml, Th. 1 + 1 mm)
  • 1 + 1 Creamer & Saucer (h 11.5 cm, Vol 225 ml, Th. 0.7 + 0.7 mm)
  • 12 Saucers (Ø 13.5 cm, Th. 1.2 mm)
  • 6 Tea Cups with handle (h 11.3 cm, Vol 225 ml, Th. 0.7 + 0.7 mm)
  • 6 Tea Cups (h 11.3 cm, Vol 225 ml, Th. 0.7 + 0.7 mm)
  • 1 + 1 Sugar Bowl & Spoon (h. 16 cm, Vol 420 ml, Th. 1 + 1 mm)
  • 6 Drinking Straws (l. 25 cm)
  • Item Code LS-180
  • Product Name TAIGA - Stainless Steel Set for hot & cold beverages for 6 persons, 36 pieces
  • Gross weight [kg] 11.56
  • Net weight [kg] 10.83
  • Application Set for serving and drinking hot & cold beverages
  • Producer HOME ART. & SALES SERVICES AG, Sihleggstrasse 23, 8832 Wollerau - Switzerland
  • Made in Italy
  • Type of steel AISI 304
  • Composition *1 tray *1 thermos *1+1 creamer & saucer *12 saucers *6 tea cups with handles *6 tea cups *6 drinking straws *1 + 1 sugar bowl & spoon *Warranty Card
  • Suitable for use in the dishwasher YES
  • Warranty Free, at least 30-year warranty to repair or replace in the full extent all products made from the Zepter incomparable metal in case of defects in materials or workmanship. A 24-month warranty for replacement of the parts made from other materials than Zepter metal 316L and 304. Zepter gives a warranty for the gilding on all it’s products. This warranty does not cover: aesthetic changes resulting from the ordinary wear and tear which do not affect the product’s performance, and the damage caused by improper use of the product. To take advantage of the guarantee, one must have an original proof of purchase, keep it, please.
  • Certifications/Declaration Declaration of Conformity concerning the Regulation (EC) Nº1935/2004 on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food which – when used properly – do not release any substances harmful to health.


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