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Magic Harmony, Crystal & Stainless Steel Drink Set for 6 persons, 24 pieces


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The perfection of finest crystal meets the strength of steel in this exclusive and eye-catching Italian-made glassware set. The patented lock-on mechanism attaches 24 beautifully crafted crystal glass goblets to a high-quality stainless steel stem and base bringing a unique sophistication to the table. The functional technology makes for easy care. When dismantled in two pieces, the crystal glasses can be washed in the dishwasher while the stainless steel stem needs just a wipe with a cloth.
The 24-piece Magic Harmony Stainless Steel drink set includes red and white wine glasses, Champagne or sparkling wine flutes and water/whiskey glasses. The goblets are made of ecological and lime scale resistant crystalline glass, with a perfect balance, feel and weight in-hand. The crystal enhances the colour and aroma of red and white wines, and encapsulates the flavour and character of other drinks. The glasses are lead-free, yet with the same resonance, resilience and brilliant clarity as fine crystal, but lighter in weight. The versatile stems can be matched to all sets of goblets and are available in either the elemental natural steel colour or in the colour of gold to give an opulent aesthetic to your drinking glass.

Set composition for 6 persons (24 pieces):
  • 6 White wine glasses with metal stems ( h. 21.2 cm, capacity: 32 cl)
  • 6 Red wine glasses with metal stems ( h. 22.3 cm, capacity: 46 cl)
  • 6 Champagne - Sparkling wine flutes with metal stems ( h. 24 cm, capacity: 22 cl)
  • 6 Water/Whisky glasses ( h.10 cm, capacity: 47 cl)
  • Item Code LS-023
  • Product Name Magic Harmony, Crystal & Stainless Steel Drink Set for 6 persons, 24 pieces
  • Gross weight [kg] 10.42
  • Net weight [kg] 9.42
  • Application For serving drinks
  • Producer HOME ART. & SALES SERVICES AG , Sihleggstrasse 23 , 8832 Wollerau-Switzerland
  • Made in Italy
  • Composition * 6 red wine glasses * 6 white wine glasses * 6 champagne/sparkling wine flutes * 6 water/whiskey glasses * 18 stainless steel stems with lock mechanism
  • Material Cristal glass goblets, stainless steel stems
  • Warranty Free, at least 30-year warranty to repair or replace in the full extent all products made from the Zepter incomparable metal in case of defects in materials or workmanship. A 24-month warranty for replacement of the parts made from other materials than Zepter metal 316L and 304. Zepter gives a warranty for the gilding on all it’s products. This warranty does not cover: aesthetic changes resulting from the ordinary wear and tear which do not affect the product’s performance, and the damage caused by improper use of the product. To take advantage of the guarantee, one must have an original proof of purchase, keep it, please.
  • Certifications/Declaration Declaration of Conformity concerning the Regulation (EC) Nº1935/2004 on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food which – when used properly – do not release any substances harmful to health.


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