Combining cutting-edge technology and the natural power of steam the Complete Cleaning System 6 in 1 Tuttoluxo offers the ultimate cleaning experience, outclassing any conventional cleaning devices. With 6 main functions, 3 patented systems, 4 levels of filtration, smart handling features and a vast array of included accessories, Zepter`s complete cleaning device is easy to operate and maintain. 

Using the most powerful disinfectant, water steam, Tuttoluxo protects our health and the environment, and at the same time achieves professional cleaning results on any type of surface. With the included professional iron, any creases from the clothes will just disappear. Steam will penetrate deep into the fabrics, disinfecting and protecting them as well.

Technologically advanced and multifunctional, being suited with a wide range of accessories. 

Why have six individual devices when you can have a 6 in 1 device that does it all?


using water filter

TUTTOLUXO is a high-performance vacuum cleaner. It can be used in any situation to clean easily and efficiently: dry vacuuming, by getting rid of dirt and dust particles and wet vacuuming by sucking up all kind of liquids that have been spilled.

Apart from the professional vacuum cleaning feature, Tuttoluxo also filters the air, using the unique patented Spray System that cleverly traps all dust particles and removes even the tiniest particles of dust from the air. No vacuum bag could ever do this with its porous paper “filter.”


Steam has many uses and many benefits when it comes to cleaning!

The high temperature of steam sterilizes, and sanitises killing all bacteria and germs. Steam pressure removes even the most stubborn dirt and grime easily, without using harmful chemicals and reaches in the tiniest spaces that most conventional cleaning devices can't reach.

Enjoy the natural, disinfecting power of steam with Tuttoluxo!


at the same time

Tuttoluxo takes both steam cleaning and vacuuming one step further by combining their strengths.

The continuous steam pressure and the 148°C high temperature, sterilizes getting deep into the carpets, mattresses and upholsteries, killing even dust mites, while the efficient power of the vacuum motor sucks away dirt as well as dust mites’ bodies. User friendly, the boiler can be refilled while in use, without losing time.

TUTTOLUXO is just perfect!


Vertical & horizontal

The Tuttoluxo iron is handy and professional, offering incomparable disinfecting and refreshing features that ordinary domestic irons can’t promise.

The water refilling system ensures constant steam pressure during ironing, both horizontally and vertically. Achieves dry-cleaning like results, using only the power of steam, saving time and money. Protects even the most delicate fabrics, including silk, corduroy, wool, cashmere…


The Luxury of Clean Air

We should not take breathing for granted, especially with asthma and allergies on the rise. This is why Zepter researchers have made sure that the Tuttoluxo technology can be used to clean the air we breathe.

The filtration system filters almost 100% of the dust particles that pass through the appliance. It purifies the air we breathe. An ordinary vacuum cleaner spreads dirt from the carpets into the air we breathe, but Tuttoluxo cleans our carpets and at the same time purifies the air.

You can enhance your mood, freshen up your spirits, and relax in an oasis of wellness; just by adding a few drops of Zepter Fragrances to the clean water tank.


The Wellness Oasis

Headaches are a common complaint, but not many know that they are often caused by the low quality air in our homes. Another outstanding feature of Tuttoluxo is that it can make our homes a healthier place by blowing moisture laden air around our rooms. Dry air leads to dry skin conditions, frazzled hair, pour quality of sleep, worsened allergy and asthma symptoms, frequent colds, flu and respiratory ailments, sore throats, nose bleeds and dry coughs.

You can humidify the air in two ways: by “steaming” using the flex-tube or by “vaporising” through an optional accessory. TUTTOLUXO restores moisture to dry, arid winter air, improves your health... and breathing becomes a pleasure again.



Within a couple of minutes the two powerful heaters (2 x 1050 W) create the steam of approximately 148°C. This high temperature kills germs, bacteria, microbes, viruses, dust mites and other microscopic organisms that live in carpets, mattresses and furniture and can cause serious health problems such as asthma and allergies. 

The design of the boiler system gives a consistent and continual pressure even for the most demanding tasks. We get steam power when we need it, without waiting for the boiler to cool down before refill.


Tuttoluxo offers continual power. The steam pressure is 450 kPa (4.5 bars). The mighty steam jet will break up even the most stubborn dirt while the powerful aspirating motor will suck up all the dirt. 

With Tuttoluxo we are able to vacuum and steam-clean at the same time in places never thought possible! All it takes is one finger touch to adjust the suction for any situation. Quickly increase or decrease the vacuuming speed right from the handle, without stopping, without any effort and without more energy consumption! 

Powerful and mighty, we don’t need to wait for it to cool down and heat up like other steam cleaning systems.


The Tuttoluxo aspirating motor is a masterpiece. It has the advantages of a 1200 W motor, but its efficiency is equal to that of a 1600 W motor. Tuttoluxo is a smart device, it is more powerful, more efficient, more cost-effective, more environmentally friendly…just more smart!. Size doesn’t matter – durability does!


We will never have to waste money on expensive, dangerous cleaning products ever again. Nor will we ever need to spend money on vacuum bags and filters: save up to 100% on dust bags and on chemical detergents.

Steam is so efficient – one litre of water makes about 1,000 litres of steam and thanks to the clever design of the Tuttoluxo the boiler can be refilled while the device is in use, never running out of steam. With Tuttoluxo you can save time spent on cleaning and ironing!

A smart device that alerts you when the water in the tank is finished. The efficient aspirating motor of the Tuttoluxo operates at a lower wattage than its performance so it saves money on electricity bills too!

And what better way to save money on medical expenses and doctors fees than keeping our home environment clean and healthy – our home is the first refuge from the dangers of modern living



Traps the bigger particles of dirt, which are not caught by the rainstorm of the SpraySystem and is therefore an important gatekeeper and protector for the Air Intake Filter.


Purifies the air going through the device not only from unpleasant odours, but also prevents small particles that have not been fully filtered by the Spray System from falling into the appliance.


The Polyester filter at the rear air-outlet is designed to trap particles as small as 0.3 micron, catching anything that passed through the previous filter-levels. The Polyester filter, mainly used for noise-reduction makes the Tuttoluxo one of the most silent appliances of its class.


Designed to prevent various particles (from carpets, pets or anything else) from reaching the motor. It is also used to filter the motor cooling air, a unique function to be found only in Tuttoluxo models.

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) FILTER optional

The HEPA filter technology assures maximum efficiency of 99.97% particle capture down to 0.3 micron. The HEPA filter also helps to eliminate micro-organisms in indoor air.


Health comes first