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Best Fruits for Healthy Skin

Best Fruits for Healthy Skin
Mango, papaya and kiwi make for a great fruit salad and they certainly do a lot of good for your overall health. These are only some of the reasons why we’ve chosen these three super fruits to help cleanse and refresh your facial skin as a part of our LA DANZA RICH FRUIT REFRESHER . This tonic eliminates dullness and draws in moisture, preparing your skin for your usual beauty routine. A cocktail of natural fruit extracts - KIWI, MANGO and PAPAYA – the Rich Fruit Refresher acts as a soft exfoliant for the skin, while the extraordinary properties of FRUIT ACIDS firm, nourish and brighten. 
Here are a few facts about these mighty fruits whose extracts help keep our skin looking radiant and refreshed:

Kiwi – Not only is kiwi a delicious and nutrient packed fruit, it also contains great natural ingredients for your skincare routine. With several skin-friendly nutrients like vitamins C and E and antioxidants, kiwis are essential for enhancing skin health.


Papaya - Papaya acts as a natural exfoliating tonic. It leaves your skin spotless and even-toned as a result of its high vitamin A content. Studies show that the enzymes found in papaya also have positive effects on reversing the aging process. 


Mango – Mangos give an eternal glow to your skin. Beta carotene and Vitamin A present in mango aid in resurrecting the dull skin, making lackluster skin radiant and luminous. On top of that, this fruit helps reduce dark spots, freckles and many more minor skin ailments.


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