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TUTTOLUXO 6SB - Complete Cleaning System


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The complete 6 in 1 cleaning system with 3 patented systems and 4 filters, offers the ultimate cleaning experience, outclassing any conventional cleaning device. Its six of the best include: wet and dry vacuuming; steam cleaning and disinfection; steam cleaning and vacuuming at the same time; professional steam ironing; air cleaning with aromatherapy and finally, air humidification.


1. Vacuuming – Wet & Dry

TUTTOLUXO is a high-performance vacuum cleaner. It can be used in any situation to clean easily and efficiently: Dry Vacuuming, by getting rid of dirt and dust particles and Wet Vacuuming by sucking up all kind of liquids that have been spilled.

2. Steam Cleaning & Disinfection

The high temperature of steam sterilizes, and sanitises killing all bacteria and germs. Steam pressure removes even the most stubborn dirt and grime easily, without using harmful chemicals and reaches in the tiniest spaces that most conventional cleaning devices can't reach.

3. Steam Cleaning & Vacuuming, (At the same time…)

TUTTOLUXO takes both steam cleaning and vacuuming one step further by combining their strengths. The continuous steam pressure and the 148°C high temperature, sterilises getting deep into the carpets, mattresses and upholsteries, killing even dust mites, while the efficient power of the vacuum motor sucks away dirt as well as dust mites’ bodies.

4. Professional Steam Ironing, (Vertical & horizontal)

The professional TUTTOLUXO iron is easy to use offering incomparable disinfecting and refreshing features that ordinary domestic irons can’t promise. It achieves dry-cleaning-like results while protecting the most delicate fabrics such as silk, corduroy, wool, cashmere…

5. Air Cleaning & Air Aroma Therapy

We should not take breathing clean air for granted, especially with asthma and allergies on the rise. This is why Zepter researchers have made sure that the TUTTOLUXO technology can be used to clean the air we breathe. The filtration system filters almost 100% of the dust particles that pass through the appliance.

6. Air Humidification

Not many people know that health complaints, (dry skin, poor quality of sleep, dry cough, nose bleeds…), and respiratory ailments are often caused by the low quality, dry air in our homes. Humidify the air in your home using TUTTOLUXO in two ways: By “steaming” using the flex-tube and by “vapourising” through an optional accessory.


Don’t waste money on expensive, dangerous cleaning products, nor on vacuum bags. With TUTTOLUXO:

- Save up to 100% on dust bags;
- Save up to 100% on chemical detergents;
- Save up to 50% of the time spent cleaning;
- Save up to 70% of the time spent ironing.
  • Item Code PWC-700B
  • Product Name TUTTOLUXO 6SB - Complete Cleaning System
  • Gross weight [kg] 18.9
  • Net weight [kg] 15.4
  • Application For home use. Vacuuming dry and wet, steam cleaning and disinfection, steam clearing and vacuuming at the same time, steam ironing, air humidification, air aroma therapy
  • Producer HOME ART. & SALES SERVICES AG, Sihleggstrasse 23, 8832 Wollerau - Switzerland
  • Made in Italy
  • Dimensions 33.6 x 33.2 x 47.9 cm / in package 59.5 x 40 x 55.5 cm
  • Color Black
  • Type applied filters Water filter, poliester filter, motor carbon filter, HEPA filter - optionally
  • Voltage 230 V +/- 10% 50Hz
  • Boiler power (2 heaters) 2100 W (1050 W + 1050 W)
  • Motor power 1200W - Higher technology gives same power as a 1600W motor
  • Iron power 850 W
  • Max. Steam pressure (450 kPa) 4,5 bar
  • Steam flow 55 g/min.
  • Max. steam temperature in the boiler 148ºC
  • Vacuum pressure 2290 mm H2O
  • Time of heating 2 min. approx. after turning the steam power on, just a few seconds after refill
  • Vaccuming power setting Yes (buttons on the panel and on the flexible hose handle)
  • Boiler capacity (steam) Total 0.8 L - working 0.4 L
  • Tank volume 1.2 L
  • Length of flexible tube Ap. 2.0 m
  • Power cord length Ap. 5.0 m
  • Working reach 8 m
  • Pressure switch 2 +/- 6 Bar 0,3 +/- 0,15
  • Safety thermostat 170ºC
  • Boiler safety valve 6 Bar+/-0.5
  • Low voltage handle commands 5 V
  • Automatic cable winder Lack
  • Composition • Extension tube - 2 pieces • Large brush, including: a cap for carpet cleaning, a nozzle to suck fluid, a nozzle for cleaning floors • Single-nozzle, including: a narrow tip, a broad tip, a small round brush • Triple-nozzle, including: a triangular brush with the possibility of tripartite and single spraying of steam • Round brush with the concentric head • Funnel for filling the boiler • Toolholder • Universal cap (optional) • Cap of bristles • Tip for cleaning glass and windows • Iron • Iron base • User Manual • Warranty Card
  • Protection Safety float, heat insulation in extension tubes, steam safety lock IPX4
  • Warranty 3 years
  • Certifications/Declaration CE conformity for electrical equipment. The declaration of conformity with Directive 2004/108 / EC on electromagnetic compatibility. Declaration of Conformity with Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC. Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS) on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.


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