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Experience the inspiring world of endless opportunities

Shop significantly cheaper up to -40%

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Simply add the product(s) to the shopping cart and the discounted value will be automatically displayed. The higher the amount, the higher the discount!

RRP (€)  ≥
Discount up to
≥ 10
≥ 50
≥ 1000
≥ 3000
≥ 5000
≥ 6000
≥ 10000
≥ 20000
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As a Zepter BizzClub partner, you can buy products in any Zepter country at the same status discount that you have in your home country.


Build your network - the premium is up to 10%

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Enroll new partners in BizzClub in any Zepter location across the world and earn up to 10% premium on their purchases.

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New partners will have the same benefits as you have.

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Get an additional discount by enrolling new partners.

Number of partners 1 2 5
Discount up to DL3 - 15% DL4 - 20% DL5 - 25%
Number of partners Discount up to
1 DL3 - 15%
2 DL4 - 20%
5 DL5 - 25%

Start selling - the premium is up to 40%

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Get a premium of up to 40% on each sale/mediation.

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Become a BizzClub entrepreneur and earn a significant income, working whenever you want, as much as you want and from wherever you want.

Why should you want to work with us?

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A global multi-brand company

36 years in the service of protecting people's health, beauty and well-being

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We are present in over 60 countries

Online shops, direct sales and high-end stores

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A unique range of products for a healthy lifestyle

Top quality, sophisticated design and innovative technologies

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A proven successful business model

Over 100,000 Zepter consultants worldwide
Sell to anyone, anytime, anywhere (even while enjoying Thailand)

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No initial investment

You don't need to invest in rent, logistics and staff.

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