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MEDOLIGHT BY BIOPTRON - Medical Light Therapy Device


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Medolight by BIOPTRON is a medical grade light therapy device for pain relief, accelerated healing, inflammation reduction and disease prevention. Designed for home or professional use without a prescription, it is clinically proven to safely and consistently relieve joint, muscle and arthritic pain, increase blood circulation, diminish bruising, stimulate overall immunity, improve metabolic processes, aid the prevention of heart and vascular disease, and attain optimal well-being. 100% safe.

Medolight by BIOPTRON has evolved from almost 30 years of research into medical light therapy. A 3rd generation device containing a market-leading 108 light emitting diodes, (LED), Medolight generates waves in the field of red light (640nm) and near infrared (880nm), so that we get the most effective biological effects. The wavelengths of light work together to increase blood circulation and lower inflammation so your body can relieve pain naturally and accelerate healing. Photons of light penetrate tissues and cells, activating a whole series of biochemical processes resulting in therapeutic effects for the body’s organs and systems.

Renowned for its repair and regenerative action for muscles, ligaments, joints and tendons, Medolight is non-invasive, painless, requires no recovery time and is suitable for all skin types. Now you can successfully treat and manage your pain and prevent diseases at home for a fraction of the cost. And since Medolight stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, you can even eliminate fine lines and wrinkles from the comfort of your own home.


Medolight is placed gently touching the affected area or other application zones, (acupressure points), as directed in the user manual and held in place for up to ten minutes per day depending on the medical ailment. Allow the light energy to deeply penetrate until the desired effect of pain relief or increased circulation is achieved. The increased circulation speeds up healing by delivering oxygen and nutrients to repair tissues, while the anti-inflammatory qualities of Medolight get to work to naturally relieve pain. Medolight has a remarkable 60 therapeutic indications.

The following are the main treatment areas with no known side-effects:

1. Lowered immunity*
2. Pre-flu condition* (flu prophylactics)
3. Stress burden*
4. Overburdening caused by practicing sports
5. Limb pain
6. Headaches
7. Sciatic neuralgia
8. Intestinal colic
9. Nephritic colic
10. Lumbar pain
11. Bronchitis*
12. Flu, cold*
13. Hematoma of the lid
14. Cataract (early stage)
15. Postoperative period (removal of cataract, glaucoma)
16. Sty
17. Vegetative-vascular dysfunctions
18. Trifacial nerve inflammation
19. Spinal radicular inflammation
20. Sleep disorders
21. Inflammation of the joints, degenerative joint disease
22. Synovial bursa inflammation
23. Hematoma, contusions
24. Granulating wounds
25. Acute and chronic tendon sheath inflammation*
26. Strained (torn) muscles and tendons
27. Exudative inflammation of synovial membrane
28. Abscesses (infiltration)*
29. Varicosis, chronic vein thrombosis
30. Hemorrhoids
31. Hard-healing wounds (bites, diabetes, gangrene)*
32. Burns, frostbite, electric injuries
33. Broken bones
34. Injection-related hematoma
35. Postoperative wounds
36. Bedsores*
37. Trophic shin sores*
38. General periodontitis*
39. Ordinary herpes and shingles*
40. Toothache, oral cavity infiltration
41. Acute inflammation of oral cavity
42. Post-cryodestruction conditions in various parts of oral cavity
43. Chronic inflammation of gums in acute stages*
44. Jaw infiltration*
45. Prostate inflatammation
46. Reduced lactation
47. Vaginal inflammation
48. Milk stasis in breast gland
49. Nipple inflammation during breastfeeding
50. Nipple inflammation (prophylactics)
51. Nipple cracking
52. Gastritis
53. Infection of umbilical wound of newborns, heat rash
54. Urticaria (nettle rash)
55. Acne (blackheads)
56. Postoperative (cryosurgery, laser, general and plastic surgery)*
57. Insect bites
58. Face wrinkles
59. Ageing complexion
60. Increasing skin immunity to atmospheric and mechanic influence.
  • Item Code Z4L
  • Product Name MEDOLIGHT BY BIOPTRON - Medical Light Therapy Device
  • Gross weight [kg] 0.78
  • Application A medical device for light therapy
  • Net weight [kg] 0.51
  • Dimensions 130/71/42mm
  • Power density 4mW/cm²
  • Wavelength Near infrared 880+/-30 nm red 640+/- nm
  • Voltage Detachable charger
  • Power charger 230V/50 Hz / 5,4V +/- 10%
  • Battery type Li-ION - 3,7V,1700 mAh
  • Charging time ap. 3 hours
  • Work time ap. 60 min.
  • Light energy per minute Max 1.6 J/cm²
  • Producer Zepter International Poland Sp. z o.o, 02-672 Warszawa, ul. Domaniewska 37
  • Made in Poland
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Certifications/Declaration EN60601-1;EN60601-1-2;EN60825;93/42/EEC EN 60601-1:2006 Medical electrical equipment — Part 1: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance, EN60601-1-2: 2007 Medical Electrical Equipment – Electromagnetic Compatibility, EN60825-1:2007 Safety of laser products. Equipment classification and requirements, Council Directive 93/42/EEC of 14 June 1993 concerning medical devices


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