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Absolute ML - Paring Knife


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With its blade of 11cm (4.5 inches), the paring knife is simply the best for peeling fruit and vegetables. Use it for any job in the kitchen that requires precise and delicate work, like removing the ribs from a jalapeño or coring an apple. Unlike the chef's knife, you can peel and cut with the paring knife while holding it aloft. The small handle offers maximum control over the tip and edge of the blade.
The pairing knife blade is made from stain-resistant multilayer steel MLS33-VG10, which consists of 33 layers of steel with an extra hard V-Gold 10-core (61 +/- 1 HRC). Here are some imaginative tasks for your pairing knife:
Hull Strawberries: Use the tip of the knife to remove the stem and cut out the white center core from the stem-end of each strawberry. Fill it with mango sorbet/chocolate mousse and enjoy a delicious dessert.

Section Oranges or Lemons: Hold the fruit over a bowl to catch all the juice that falls down. Peel the fruit completely, then cut between the white membranes to extract each juicy section. It is a great method for decorating cakes!

Devein Shrimp: Cut a shallow slit down the outside curve of the shrimp; remove the dark vein, and rinse the shrimp under cold water.

* Resistant to corrosion, we advise you to clean and maintain the FELIX ZEPTER knives and kitchen accessories by hand to preserve their beauty and high performance for longer.
  • Item Code KA-010
  • Product Name Absolute ML - Paring Knife
  • Gross weight [kg] 0.38
  • Net weight [kg] 0.12
  • Application For peeling fruit and vegetables
  • Producer FELIX SOLINGEN GmbH , An den Eichen 6, 42699 Solingen
  • Dimensions 350 x 80 x 30 mm
  • Made in Germany
  • Material Blade – Japanese MLS 33 VG10 – multilayer Damascus steel Ice-hartened structure - more sophisticated and compact - hardness 61-62 HRC Handle – Polyamide PA6 G830 FC
  • Cleaning and Care Recommended cleaning and washing knives by hand. After use, rinse with warm water and dry with a dry cloth.
  • Suitable for use in the dishwasher Not recommended
  • Warranty 5-year warranty in case of discovered defects in materials or workmanship. This warranty does not cover: aesthetic changes resulting from normal use, scratches and cracks, which do not affect the product’s performance, and the damage caused by improper use of the knife, eg. improper sharpening.
  • Certifications/Declaration Declaration of Conformity concerning the Regulation (EC) Nº1935/2004 on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food which – when used properly – do not release any substances harmful to health.


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