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Limits of delivery and manner of payment

The delivery of purchased Products is realized only via the Seller’s chosen currier service  dpdLogo.png  ups_shield_og_square.png within the territory of: European Union (excluding: Belgium, Croatia, Hungary, Cyprus, Finland, Italy, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, UKGermany, Sweden, Romania, Latvia and France), Norway, Mexico, United States of America,  Republic of South Africa, Australia and New Zealand excluding dependent territories of the above mentioned states.

The delivery of the Products are realized only within the territory on which the Client has his domicile or registered office.

The following Products: Oxy sterile 250 ml code PAG-961-250S, Shaving gel code PNK-4550, After shaving balm code PNK-4540, Complete protection deodorant code PNK-4570, PerioSafe Test PNK-1005 and Medolight code Z4L are not delivered to Mexico, United States of America, Republic of South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, the following Products: Tuttoluxo code PWC-700, Tuttoluxo Black code PWC-700B, TuttoSteamy code PWC-301, Hand Massager code LG-818, Juicer code TF-999F, Food Processor symbol VO-022-K, Therapy Air code PWC-570, CleansyMag code AQ-MAG-100, Coffee Machine code ZEP-200, VacSy Sealing Unit code VS-S, Zepter Radio Induction Kitchen code Z-993R, VacSy Set code VS-170 are not delivered to Mexico and United States of America , the following Products: Oxy Sterile 250ml PAG-250S and Medolight code Z4L are not delivered to Spain, the following Products: Bioptron Medall Set code PAG-960-SET, Bioptron Pro 1 Set code PAG-990, Bioptron 2 Set code PAG-880-SET, Color Light Therapy Set code PAG-965-CT, Colored filters for Bioptron Pro 1 code PAG-992-CTF (1-7), Bioptron Medall code PAG-960, Floor stand for Bioptron Medall code PAG-964-FSM and Floor stand for Bioptron Pro 1 code PAG-991-FS are not delivered to the United States of America, Australia, Spain and Republic of South Africa and the following product: Electro Acupuncture code PBG-866 is not delivered to the United States of America. 

The Products are delivered on working days from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. The Seller reserves the right to perform the delivery in bigger amount of packages if the size exceeds the size of a Euro pallet or/and if the weight of the delivered consignment exceeds 31.5 kg and in case of delivery outside the Europe – 20 kg. 


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