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Inca Inchi Q10 Food supplement


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Inca Inchi Q 10 is a perfect food supplement to overworked, stressed people, who intend to withhold the ageing process and desire to change their lifestyle and adopt a healthy diet!
The main ingredient of the supplement is Sacha Inchi, also referred to as Inca Inchi. Sacha Inchi is a plant species native to Amazon rainforests in Peru. Known for thousands of years and highly valued by native tribes for its high nutrient content, inchi nuts are rich in proteins and prized oil with high content of Omega–3 fatty acids. It is the only plant oil with polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega content comparable to that of fish oils.

It also contains Omega–6 and Omega–9 fatty acids. In total, it contains approx. 80% essential fatty acids, with highest percentage of polyunsaturated acids and lowest content of saturated fatty acids. It is the only plant product containing all three Omega fatty acids: Omega–3 (alpha-linolenic acid - ALA), Omega–6 (linoleic acid - LA), Omega–9 (oleic acid). The most unsaturated acid of all.

Sacha Inchi oil has a long history of use by native tribes of Amazonia for skin and hair care purposes. Recently, it has also become highly appreciated in Europe, where it is used in the production of luxury cosmetics, such as La Danza - Age Defence Serum, manufactured by Zepter International. Inca Inchi has an exceptionally rejuvenating and regenerating action on human skin, providing head skin with nutrients and preventing hair loss due to abundant presence of natural anti-oxidants: vitamins A and E and precious lipids.

Suggested use: Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose of 2 capsules.

Keep in a dry, cool, dark place, out of reach of young children.
  • Item Code SUP-101-Q10
  • Product Name Inca Inchi Q10 Food supplement
  • Gross weight [kg] 0.08
  • Net weight [kg]
  • Application Food supplement
  • Producer Zepter International Poland Sp. z o.o, Domaniewska 37, 02-672 Warszawa
  • Ingredients Sacha inchi oil (Plukenetia volubilis) – 500 mg; bovine gelatin; coenzyme Q10 – 50 mg; humectant: glycerol; colorants: copper complexes of chlorophylls, chlorophyllins, titanium dioxide; menaquinone 7 (vitamin K2); cholecalciferol (vitamin D3).
  • Made in Poland
  • Volume 60 capsules 760 mg each
  • Expiry Date Information on the box
  • Distributor Zepter International Poland Sp. z o.o, Domaniewska 37, 02-672 Warszawa
  • Certifications/Declaration Confirmation of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate on the marketing authorization


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