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A blend defined by a smooth taste where Arabica dominates flavours and matches slight bitter hints of Robusta.
The coffee AROMA seduces with its harmony of coffee and chocolate note enriched with generous cream in the taste.
Inspire your taste buds with vibrant tones and silky cream.
A delightful soft mix of 85% Robusta beans, handpicked from the fields of India and Indonesia and 15% Arabica from the high hills of the Santos region in Brazil.
  • Item Code ZEP-C-305
  • Product Name ZEPRESSO CAFE - AROMA
  • Gross weight [kg]
  • Net weight [kg]
  • Application Coffee brewing using the Zepresso Trend kitchen appliance
  • Capacity 1 capsule contains 5.5g of coffee/1 package contains 10 capsules
  • Producer Home Art & Sales Services AG, Sihleggstrasse 23, 8832 Wollerau, Switzerland
  • Made in Italy
  • Certifications/Declaration Product is in accordance with the requirements stated in the following Directives: 149/2008CE; 1881/2006CE; 1126/2007CE; 1935/2004CE; 1895/2005CE; 2002/72CE; 10/2011CE; 94/62CE;10/2011CE


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