The main ingredient of the supplement is Sacha Inchi, also referred to as Inca Inchi, a plant species native to Amazon rainforests in Peru. Inca Inchi Q 10 is a perfect food supplement to overworked, stressed people, who intend to withhold the ageing process and desire to change their lifestyle and adopt a healthy diet!

Sacha Inchi oil has a long history of use by native tribes of Amazonia for skin and hair care purposes. Recently, it has also become highly appreciated in Europe, where it is used in the production of luxury cosmetics, such as La Danza - Age Defence Serum, manufactured by Zepter International. Inca Inchi has an exceptionally rejuvenating and regenerating action on human skin, providing head skin with nutrients and preventing hair loss due to abundant presence of natural anti-oxidants: vitamins A and E and precious lipids.


The strenght of Maca Neo supplement is based on synergistic, multi-level action of Maca and Uncaria (extracts). The supplement may be beneficial to persons performing active mental and physical labour, athletes, for chronically tired people, as well as the growing populace of senior citizens.

  • supports physical and mental fitness
  • contributes to maintain optimal endurance, feeling and vitality
  • supports maintaining the natural sexual function and energy
  • has a positive effect on fertility
  • stimulates sexual desire (aphrodisiac)
  • positively affects the condition and strength of bones during menopause
  • supports to the immune system